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my reasons for this blog

Don’t ever tell me your life is boring or ordinary. I grew up in Kansas City, okay, the epicenter of boring. And as if you think it couldn’t get worse, I lived on the Kansas side, which made life seemingly even more boring (yes, somehow Missouri is cooler than Kansas). Whenever I mention that I am from Kansas City, most people say they have only had the pleasure of driving through it—apparently on their way to more exotic places like Colorado or Des Moines, Iowa.

I was I stuck there growing up, as a means for survival, I learned to be on a constant look out for things that were exciting. Given the lack of mountains, oceans and forests, excitement consisted of going to shopping malls, watching farms turn into housing developments and sitting in traffic. At some point, I started to wonder:

  • Why does this mall have so many more (and better) stores than that other mall?
  • Why is that farm now growing houses?
  • Why do they need another stop light here? Traffic isn’t moving anyway.

The answers I found (or at least theories) were pretty interesting to me. In fact, Kansas City and Kansas are fascinating, really, I swear. And as I travel around, I have learned that other excitement-challenged towns—from Hattiesburg, Mississippi to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—are pretty cool as well.

An interesting business combination. Aurora, Colo.

Here is the key: when you really start to thinking about why the world is the way it is around you, it can make things endlessly entertaining. I hope—through this blog—to make your life a little less boring and help you think about why you are living the life that you’re living and the superhuman power of seemingly everyday people to change the world, or at least the neighborhood.

my reasons for the name

The name, roadside zombies, comes from the fact that human structures (e.g., buildings, transportation infrastructure, landscapes, cities), like zombies, don’t go away easily. These structures reflect the trends or consumer preferences during the time they were built, but as those trends and preferences change, they can’t be tossed out as easily as a pair of acid-washed jeans. So people have to figure out how to adapt them to today’s standards and needs—or maybe they just abandon them. This creates a lot of interesting things to see when you are out and about; the structures are just hanging out there, waiting to surprise you around the next corner. And “zombies” is just a fun word to write. Zombies. Woohoo! You should give it a try.

 my reasons for my reasoning

H. enjoys the humorous side (at least in her opinion) of writing and researching about community and economic development.

Her amazing ex-boyfriend (i.e., husband) also frequently provides insights into her research and writing adventures. She also has an evil cat who does everything he can to keep her from writing, so she got two dogs to defend her writing.